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This site is the starting ground for a new movement - kids (and supporting adults) voicing their views on habitat destruction, homelessness, car safety, children's rights, and more! The site is still under construction, so try back again soon for more on this exciting new idea!

Welcome to the biggest place on the web for kids to have a voice in what's happening to our world today! Please take a look around, see what's happening with the kids in your neighborhood, and get involved today!

The idea behind this site is to get kids involved in the important things happening in the world today. Loki Henning, a nine year old in Portland, Oregon, decided one day that she wanted to be an activist and speak out against habitat destruction for creatures from Orangutans to Raccoons, homelessness in her community, and issues related to the wellbeing of our society. Her interest brought this movement to fruition - Kids really can save us, because adults listen with children bring up topics that are so important that we all stop to look at them, everything from deforestation to effective food distribution. When kids speak out, leaders listen - here they have a means of getting their message out to the world!

Please consider getting involved by volunteering your time or donating to the organization.

What We Do

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